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Ph.D. Symposion

organized by Siegfried Beckus (Jena), Marcel Hansmann (Chemnitz), Felix Pogorzelski (Jena), Marcel Schmidt (Jena)

This is an announcement of a PhD Symposium which will be held at the Technische Universität Chemnitz on October 02nd in 2013. There PhD students and (young) Post-Docs will have the opportunity to present their research. Each speaker will have about 30-45 minutes for his talk depending on the number of participants. As on previous occasions, the symposium is open to "young researchers" only (no professors are allowed).

If you would like to participate in the symposium, please write an email to mentioned above including your personal information, the title and abstract of your talk. The deadline for applications is September 20th in 2013. Please note that the language for the talk should be english.

Program (pdf):

09:00 - 09:30
Yassin Chebbi
Laplacian and Dirichlet forms on infinite weighted graphs
09:40 - 10:10
Samuel Littig
The Porous medium equation and fast diffusion equation as gradient systems
10:10 - 10:30
Coffee break

10:30 - 11:00
Marwa Balti
Cheeger inequalities for oriented and unoriented graph Laplacians
11:10 - 11:40
Hèla Ayadi
Semi-Fredholmness of the discrete Gauss-Bonnet operator
11:50 - 12:20
Amina Thabet Convergence of operator semigroups associated with generalised elliptic forms abstract
12:20 - 13:45
Lunch break

13:45 - 14:15
Tarek Kenzizi
A parabolic equation for the fractional Laplacian with Hardy potential
14:25 - 14:55
Wahid Sayeb
Existence of solutions for the p-Laplacian involving a Radon measure
14:55 - 15:15
Coffee Break

15:15 - 15:45
Siegfried Beckus
One-dimensional Schrödinger operators with aperiodic potential: The Fibonacci sequence
15:55 - 16:25
Belgacem Faten
Spectral asymptotic in the large coupling limit
16:35 - 17:05
Amor Drissi
Large and entire large solutions for a class of nonlinear problems

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