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Conferences and Talks

(Co-)Organized Scientific meetings

One Day Workshop 2015 "New Directions in Mathematical Physics and beyond", Jena January 14th 2015 (organized by Gerhard Bräunlich, Matthias Keller, Markus Lange, Marcel Schmidt)

International Conference Fractal Geometry and Stochastics V, in Tabarz, local organizing committee

Geometric aspects in probability and analysis Saturday September 14th 2013 in Jena (organized by Matthias Keller, Daniel Lenz and Marcel Schmidt)

One Day Workshop "Schrödingeroperators - December 8th 2011, Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena

Graduate student symposium within the Summer school on "Graphs and spectra" held at the TU Chemnitz in the week 18--23 July 2011, for more information see here
PhD Symposium September 15-16th, Friedrich Schiller University Jena


June 2015, BIRS Banff, Groups, Graphs and Stochastic Processes, 'On the compactification of graphs ... the Royden compactification revisited'

June 2015, Bonn University Probability Seminar, 'Intrinsic metrics on graphs'

May 2015, Tohoku University Sendai, Geometry and Analysis Seminar, 'Intrinsic metrics on graphs'

April 2015, FSU Jena, Habilitation Defense,  'Über die Geometrie und Analysis auf Graphen.'

March 2015, Technion Haifa, PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar, 'Does diusion determine the geometry of a graph'

March 2015, Hebrew University Jerusalem, PDE Seminar, 'Compactications of uniformly transient graphs'

February 2015, Oberwolfach Workshop Discrete p-Laplacians: Spectral Theory and Variational Methods in Mathematics and Computer Science, On Cheegers inequality for graphs.

January 2015, Oberwolfach Workshop Spectral Theory and Weyl Functions, 'Cheeger inequalities for unbounded graph Laplacians'

December 2014, Seminar Hagen University, 'Schrödinger operators on sparse graphs'

November 2014, Seminar Bielefeld University, 'On the analysis and geometry on graphs'

October 2014, Conference 'Spectral Theory and Its Applications' in Bordeaux, 'Intrinsic metrics on graphs'

September 2014, Meeting Mathematical Physics in Jena,  'Absolutely continuous spectrum of Galton-Watson trees'

May 2014, Seminar Jena University, 'Intrinsic metrics on graphs'

May 2014, Seminar Ulm University, 'Analysis and geometry on graphs'

March 2014, Conference "Fractal Geometry and Stochastics V" in Tabarz, 'Cheeger's inequality for unbounded graph Laplacians'

March 2014, Université de Carthage, Bizerte, Tunesia, Cours pour Doctorants, 'L^p Spectrum of Graphs' (lecture notes) and Journée-WorkShop "Géométrie et Analyse sur les Graphes" 'Curvature and Spectrum on Tessellating Graphs'

December 2013, ZiF Bielefeld, Conference on "Mathematical Technology of Networks - QGraphs 2013", 'Intrinsic metrics on graphs'

November 2013, C.I.R.M. Luminy, A colloquium on discrete curvature, 'On the spectral theory of negatively curved planar graphs'

July 2013, LMS - EPSRC Durham Symposium, Graph Theory and Interactions 'On negative curvature and spectrum of graph Laplacians' (Video Part1, Part2)

May 2013, Jena University, 'Negative curvature and spectrum of graphs'

March 2013, University of Toronto, Special lecture, 'Isoperimetric inequalities on graphs'

March 2013, University of Toronto, Toronto Probability Geometry Seminar, 'Absolutely continuous spectrum of Galton-Watson trees'

March 2013, Harvard University, Differential Geometry Seminar, 'Intrinsic metrics for Laplacians on graphs'

February 2013, University of Conneticut, Analysis and Probability Seminar, 'Graphs of unbounded geometry and intrinsic metrics'

February 2013, Graduate Center CUNY, NY, Differential Geometry Seminar, 'Spectral consequences of upper curvature bounds on planar graphs'

January 2013, PDE and Applied Mathematics seminar, Technion Haifa, 'Isoperimetric inequalities and volume growth estimates for unbounded graph Laplacians'

December 2012, Colloqium University of Haifa, 'Periodic and random Schrödinger operators on trees'

November 2012, PDE Seminar Jerusalem, 'Cheeger inequalities and volume growth for unbounded graph Laplacians'

September 2012, Workshop on Probability at Kansai University Osaka 'Large time behavior of heat kernels'

September 2012, Conference Stochastic Analysis and Applications at Okayama University, 'Essential spectra and volume growth of regular Dirichlet forms'

August 2012, Conference Spectral Theory and  Differential Operators at TU Graz, "Volume growth and spectra of Dirichlet forms"

August 2012, MPI Leipzig "
Geometric and spectral consequences of upper curvature bounds on planar graphs"

July 2012, TU Chemnitz, "Anti-trees - the perfect (counter)example"

July 2012, Erlangen "Negative curvature and discrete spectrum for graphs"

July 2012, TU Graz "Stability of spectral types for Galton Watson trees"

May 2012, Bordeaux University "On the spectral theory of operators on trees"

May 2012, MPI Leipzig "Negative curvature and spectrum of graph Laplacians"

Januar 2012,
Mini-Workshop: 'Boundary Value Problems and Spectral Geometry', "Curvature and spectrum on graphs"

December 2011, Jerusalem PDE Seminar, "Absolutely continuous spectrum for Galton Watson trees"

November 2011, TU Claustal "Dirichlet forms on graphs"

October 2011, Oberwolfach Workshop 'Correlations and Interactions for Random Quantum Systems', "Absolutely continuous spectrum on trees"

September 2011,
BMS Summer School Berlin 'Random motion and random graphs', "Absolutely continuous spectrum for multi-type Galton Watson trees"

May 2011, Technion Haifa, "On the long time behaviour of heat kernels"

April 2011, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, "Absolutely continuous spectrum for trees"

March 2011, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, "Curvature and spectrum for graphs"

December 2010, Erlangen University, "Absolutely continuous spectrum for trees"

December 2010, Bielefeld University, "Curvature and spectrum for graphs"

November 2010, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, "Planar graphs of non-positive curvature"

September 2010, Walkshop and PhD Symposium, Jena, "On the spectral theory of trees and tessellations"

September 2010,
QMath 11, Hradec Kralove, "Absolutely continuous spectrum for substitution trees"

July 2010, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Cambridge, Workshop on Analysis on Graphs and its Applications, "Absolutely continuous spectrum for trees of finite forward cone type" (Video)

June 2010, Humboldt University Berlin,  "Cheeger constants, exponential growth and spectrum of planar graphs"

June 2010, TU Chemnitz,  "Cheeger constants, exponential growth and spectrum of planar graphs"

June 2010,  Lausanne CIB, Workshop on Random Schrödinger operators,  "Stability of ac spectrum: Contraction properties of the recursion relation"

May 2010, AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications "Stability of ac spectrum under random perturbations on trees"

May 2010, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, "Discrete Spectrum for Schrödinger operators on graphs"

January 2010, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, "Cheegerkonstanten, exponentielles Wachstum und Spektrum von planaren Graphen"

November 2009, University of Lisbon, Group of Mathematical Physics, "Cheeger constants, exponential growth and spectrum of planar graphs"

October 2009, Hebrew University Jerusalem, "Trees of finite vertex type and absolutely continuous spectrum"

September 2009, TU Chemnitz Graphs, Quantum Graphs and their Spectra + Walkshop 2009, "Dirichlet forms on discrete sets and absence of essential spectrum"

July 2009, Blaubeuren, "Workshop on Structure and Dynamics of Networks": "Heat transport to the boundary on discrete graphs"

July 2009, St. Kathrein, "Alp-Workshop": "Random trees and absolutely continuous spectrum"

June 2009, Graz, "Workshop on Boundaries": "Heat transport to the boundary"

December 2008, Bielefeld University, Seminar "Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften" (SFB): "The Laplacian on rapidly branching Graphs"

November 2008, Graz University "Mathematische Strukturtheorie", "The Laplacian on rapidly branching graphs"

November 2008, ESI Vienna, Workshop "Structural Probability", "The Laplacian (plus potential) on trees and rapidly branching graphs"

November 2008, University of Vienna, Seminar Analysis,  "The Laplacian on rapidly branching graphs"

October 2008, LMU Munich, Seminar "Analysis und Zufall", "The Laplacian on rapidly branching graphs"

April 2008, Houston Rice University, Geometry-Analysis Seminar , "The Laplacian on rapidly branching graphs"

February 2008, Graduate Center CUNY, NY, Differential Geometry Seminar, "The Laplacian on rapidly branching graphs"

September 2007, Durham University, Geometry Seminar, "Spectral properties of rapidly branching graphs"