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Guests and special talks


Joint seminar with Prof. Zähle and Prof. Matveev.



  •  July 2014
 Shiping Liu (Durham University)
  •  July 2014
 Norbert Peyerimhoff (Durham University)
  •  June 2014
 Radoslaw Wojciechowski (City University New York)
  •  June 2014
 Ivan Veselic (TU Chemnitz)
  •  May 28th 2014
 Martin Tautenhahn (TU Chemnitz)
  •  June 10th 2014
 Andrea Posilicano (University of Insubria)
  •  April 23rd 2014
Tatjana Eisner (Universität Leipzig)

A generalisation of the Wiener-Wintner theorem
  • January 29th 2014
Batu Güneysu (Humboldt Universität Berlin)

Total variation on noncompact Riemannian manifolds
  • January 28th 2014
Hendrik Vogt (TU Dresden)

Das Orakeltheorem von Remling
  • January 22th 2014
Johannes Brasche (TU Clausthal)

(Spur-)Norm Abschätzungen bei großen Kopplungskonstanten
  • October 23rd 2013
Marcel Schmidt (FSU Jena)

Global properties of Dirichlet forms in terms of Green's formula
  • August 21th 2012
 Bobo Hua (MPI Leipzig)

Discrete harmonic functions on graphs
  • August 20th 2012
 Frank Bauer (MPI Leipzig)

The dual Cheeger constant und the essential spectrum of a graph
  • August 16th 2012
 Radoslaw Wojciechowski (York College New York)

Uniqueness of self-adjoint extensions of graph Laplacians
  • August 16th 2012
 Xueping Huang (Bielefeld University)

An analytic approach to stochastic completeness of weighted graphs
  • July 19th 2012
 Maria Korotiaeva (Boardeaux)

Accoustic wave propagation in periodic media
  • July 19th 2012
 Bernd Sing (Barbados)

Common dynamics of the tribonacci substitutions
  • July 17th 2012
 Christoph Schumacher (Chemnitz)

Klassische Bewegung in zufälligen Potentialen
  • July 13th 2012
 Eman Hamza (Cairo)

Quantum spin systems, Lieb-Robinson bounds and disorder
  • July 13th 2012
 Jun Masamune (Penn State)

Non-explosion and recurrence of jump-diffusions on a metric measure space
  • July 12th 2012
 Joe Chen (Cornell)

Gaussian free fields on self-similar fractals
  • July 5th 2012
Jun Morita (Tsukuba)

Symmetry, Lie algebras and aperiodic orders
  • June 26th/28th 2012
Konstantin Pankrashkin (Paris)

Self-adjoint extensions and Herglotz functions
  • May 31th 2012
Nicolae Strungaru (Edmonton)

Meyer sets and their diffraction
  • May 11th 2012
Ivan Veselic (TU Chemnitz)

Anwendungen des Satzes von Glivenko-Cantelli
  • April 25th 2012
Batu Güneysu (HU Berlin)

Hydrogen type stability problems on manifolds
  • April 18th 2012
Guiseppe de Nittis (Cergy-Pontoise)

Magnetic symmetries: applications and prospects
  • March 29th 2012
Marco Schreiber (Uni Tübungen)

Topologische  Wiener-Wintner Theoreme
  • February 27th 2012
Robin Nittka (MPI Leipzig)

Pointwise convergence of Markov semigroups
  • February 15th 2012
Mark Lawson (Edinburgh)

From partial symmetries to non-commutative Stone duality
  • February 2nd 2012
Vasso Anagnostopoulou (TU Dresden)

Sturmian measures and stochastic dominance in ergodic optimization
  • January 11th 2012
Tobias Jäger (TU Dresden)

Dimensions of attractors in pinched skew products
  • December 7th 2011
Peter Stollmann (TU Chemnitz)

The complex Laplacian and its heat semigroup
  • November 30th 2011
Ivan Veselic (TU Chemnitz)

  • November 18th 2011
Christian Seifert (TU Chemnitz)

Ein Satz von Gordon für maßgeströrte eindimensionale Schrödinger-Operatoren
  • November 16th 2011
Shiping Liu (MPI Leipzig)

Ollivier-Ricci curvature on neighborhood graphs
  • September 7th 2011
Yehuda Pinchover (Technion Haifa)

Some aspects of large time behavior of the heat kernel
  • September 2nd 2011
Kazuhiro Kuwae (Kumamoto University)

Large deviations for generalized Feynman-Kac semigroup and L^p-independence of its spectral radius
  • July 26th 2011
Julie Rowlett (Bonn)

Dynamics and spectral theory on completely negatively curved manifolds
  • July 12th 2011
Radoslaw Wojciechowski (CUNY)

Symmetry, heat kernels, and spectrum of infinite weighted graphs
  • June 29th 2011
Christian Sadel (University of California)

Absolutely continuous spectrum and ballistic behavior for random Schrödinger operators on the Bethe Strip
  • June 28th 2011
Günter Stolz (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

  • June 22nd 2011
Fabian Schwarzenberger (TU Chemnitz)

The integrated density of states for long-range percolation Hamiltonians
  • June 21th 2011
Jun Masamune (Penn State University)

Stochastic completeness, parabolicity, and the uniqueness of Laplacians
  • May 23th 2011
Constanza Rojas-Molina (University of Cergy Pointoise)

Characterization of the Anderson metal-insulator transition for non ergodic random operators
  • April 20th  2011
Jean Savinien (Université Lyon 1)

Spektrale Tripel und aperiodische Ordnung
  • April 12th 2011
Jose Aliste Prieto (Universidad de Chile)

Tower systems for linearly repetetive Delone sets
  • April 6th 2011
Delio Mugnolo (Uni Ulm)

Convergence of elliptic  operators acting on varying Hilbert spaces
  • February 17th 2011

Maria Korotyaeva (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)

The inverse spectral problem for periodic Jacobi matrices
  •  February 8th 2011

Dirk Frettlöh (Uni Bielefeld)

Dynamische Eigenschaften von Parketträumen mit statistischer Kreissymmetrie
  •  January 31th 2011
Oliver Baues (Uni Karlsruhe)

Riemannsche Mannigfaltigkeiten mit grosser Symmetrie
  •  January 24th 2011
Martin Tautenhahn (TU Chemnitz)

Fractional moment bounds and localization for Anderson models with sign-changing single-site potential
  •  January 17th 2011
Johannes Kellendonk (Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I)

Spectral triples and aperiodic order
  • January 13th 2011
Thomas Kriecherbauer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Die universellen Gesetze zufälliger Matrizen (Vortrag im mathematischen Kolloquium)
  • December 13th 2010
Michael Braake (Uni Bielefeld)

Mathematical diffraction theory of deterministic and stochastic structures
  • November 22nd 2010
Wolfgang Woess (TU Graz)

Brownian motion and harmonic functions on treebolic space
  • November 16th 2010
Nabila Torki-Hamza (Bizerte)

Infinite weighted graph Laplacians and essential self-adjointness for metrically complete graphs

Francoise Truc (Grenoble)

Essential self-adjointness for Schrödinger operators in metrically non complete graphs
  • November 11th 2010
Józef Dodziuk (New York)

L^2 Betti numbers (Vortrag im mathematischen Kolloquium)
  • November 8th 2010
Florina Halasan (FSU Jena)

The Anderson  Model and its absolutely continuous spectrum
  • October 25th 2010
Tobias Jäger (TU Dresden)

Quasiperiodic structures and the semi-conjugacy problem
  • September
    12th-14th 2010
Peter Müller  (LMU München)

Spektraltheorie von Graphen
  • September 21st 2010
Christoph Richard (Uni Erlangen)
  • September 14th 2010
Adnene Besbes

Lattice gas models on aperiodic linearly repetitive tilings
  • July 7th 2010
Xueping Huang (Uni Bielefeld)

Stochastic completeness of graphs
  • July 2nd 2010
Olaf Post (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)

Boundary triples associated to partial differential operators
  • July 2nd 2010
Radoslaw Wojciechowski (University of Lisbon)

Spherically Symmetric Graphs
  • June 22th 2010
Konstantin Pankrashkin (Orsay)

Spektrum, Streuung und Levinson-Sätze für die Aharanov-Bohm-Operatoren
  • June 18th 2010
Igor Krasovsky (Brunel University, London)

Toeplitz and Fredholm Determinanten in integrablen Systemen, Zufallsmatrizen und Zufallspermutationen
  • June 15th 2010
David Damanik (Rice University)

Schrödinger operators with limit-periodic potentials
  • May 25th 2010
Helge Krüger (ESI)

Schrödinger operators with skew-shift potential
  • May 19th 2010
Mira Shamis (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

On the measure of the absolutely continuous spectrum for general Jacobi matrices
  • May 6th 2010
E. Brian Davies (King's College London)

Asymptotics of resonances of graphs (Mathematisches Kolloquium)
  • May 5th 2010
Michael Gruber (TU Clausthal)

Absolutely continuous spectrum for periodic magnetic fields
  • May 5th 2010
Daniel Wingert (TU Chemnitz)

Heat kernel estimates of non-local Dirichlet forms
  • April 28th 2010
Vadim Kaimanovich (Uni Ottawa)

Random walks and groupoids
  • April 21th 2010
Hermann Schulz-Baldes (Uni Erlangen)

Sturm intersection theory for periodic Jacobi matrices and linear Hamiltonian systems
  • April 20th 2010
Peter Stollmann (TU Chemnitz)

A dual characterization of length spaces
  • March 15th 2010
Antoine Julien (Lyon 1)
Bratteli diagrams and orbit equivalence for tiling minimal systems
  • March 5th 2010
Jean Savinien (Lyon 1)

Transverse Laplacian for substitution tilings
  • February 22th 2010
Felix Pogorzelski (Uni Tübingen)

Ergodensätze auf amenablen Gruppen

  • February 17th 2010

Sylvain Golenia (Uni Erlangen)

High energy estimates and positive commutator techniques

  • February 10th 2010

Peter Arzt (FSU Jena)

Interpolation mit Funktionenparameter und Extrapolation

  • February 3rd 2010

Nicolas Dombrowski (University of Cergy-Pontoise)

Non-commutative integration theory and linear response theory in disordered media

  • January 28th 2010

Alexander Grigor'yan (Uni Bielefeld)

On heat kernel estimates on metric measure spaces

  • January 27th 2010

Aicke Hinrichs (FSU Jena)

Positive positiv definite Funktionen und Bochners Theorem

  • January 21st 2010

Oliver Matte (TU Clausthal)

Semiklassische Asymptotik des Greenschen Kerns eines Dirac-Operators

  • January 20th 2010

Matthias Keller (FSU Jena)

Cheegerkonstanten, exponentielles Wachstum und Spektrum von planaren Graphen

  • January 19th 2010

Florian Sobieczky (FSU Jena)

Comparison theorems for random subgraphs of bounded geometry

  • January 13th 2010

Marko Lindner (TU Chemnitz)

Zum Spektrum und wesentlichen Spektrum beschränkter Tridiagonaloperatoren

  • January 12th 2010

Jürgen Brasche (TU Clausthal)

Konvergenz von Dirichletformen

  • January 6th 2010

Jussi Behrndt (TU Berlin)

Scattering matrices and Weyl functions

  • December 16th 2009

Christian Seifert (TU Chemnitz)

Singuläre Diffusion auf Graphen

  • December 15th 2009

Hendrik Vogt (TU Dresden)

Kato class and Gaussian bounds for the heat equation on the half space

  • December 2nd 2009

Carsten Trunk (TU Ilmenau)

Spectrum and Analyticity of Semigroups arising in Elasticity Theory and Hydromechanics

  • November 24th 2009

Wolfgang Spitzer (Uni Erlangen)

Neuigkeiten vom Heisenberg-Modell

  • November 4th 2009

 Frank Bauer (MPI Leipzig)

Estimates for the largest eigenvalue of the normalized Laplace operator of a graph

  • July 21st 2009

Rainer Siegmund-Schultze (TU Berlin)

Bipartite random BJR graphs and their projections' degree distribution

  • July 21st 2009

Helge Krüger (Rice University)

Stochastische Mittel von Jacobi-Operatoren

  • July 14th 2009

Moritz Kassmann (Uni Bielefeld)

Punktweise Abschätzungen für Lösungen von Integro-Differentialgleichungen

  • July 7th 2009

Peter Dittrich (FSU Jena)

Chemical organization theory

  • June 25th 2009

 Martin Tautenhahn (TU Chemnitz)

 Exponential decay of Green's function for Anderson models on Z with single-site potential of finite support

  • June 23th 2009

 Daniel Wingert (TU Chemnitz)

 Non-local symmetric Dirichlet forms: Intrinsic metrics and Shnol'-type inequality

  • June 15th/16th 2009

 Jon Chaika (Rice University)

 Borel-Cantelli sequences

 Interval exchange transformations

  • June 4th 2009

 Thomas Schick (Uni Göttingen)

 Index-Theorie und positive Skalarkrümmung - Colloquium talk

  • June 3rd 2009

 Radoslaw Wojciechowski (Lissabon)

 Properties of the heat kernel on graphs

  • May 14th 2009

 Tyll Krüger

 Epidemic processes on networks and generalizations

  • May  6th 2009

 Edmund Menge (Uni Mainz)

 Lineare Phasenraumdarstellungen einer Quantenmechanik mit minimaler Länge

  • April 29th 2009

 Hans Knörr (Uni Mainz)

 Untere Schranke für atomare Grundzustandsenergien mithilfe der Feynman-Kac -Formel

  • February 26th 2009

 Jeong Yup Lee (KIAS, Seoul)

 Computation of coincidence on substitution point sets

  • January 15th 2009

 Andrzej Zuk (Paris 7)

 Amenability - Colloquium talk

  • January 13th 2009

 Franz Lehner (TU Graz /Univ. Bielefeld)

 On the Eigenfunctions of Lamplighter Random Walks and Percolation Clusters

  • January 8th 2009

 Marcel Griesemer (Uni Stuttgart)

 Das Schurkomplement und die iterative Lösung eines Eigenwertproblems aus der Quantenelektrodynamik

  • December 9th 2008

 Fabian Schwarzenberger (TU Chemnitz)

 Asymptotik der integrierten Zustandsdichte des Adjazenzoperators eines Cayley Graphen

  • November 24th 2008

 Peter Stollmann (TU Chemnitz),

 Konzentrationsungleichungen und die Wegner-Abschätzung